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E-Money Clear is an offshore banking alternative that gives you the accessibility, the flexibility, and the privacy that your average financial institution can’t provide. We give you the experience of knowing financial freedom. E-Money Clear offers easier access, better privacy, and less tax. Being an online payment system means that you have control of your account whether locally or internationally as long as you are online.

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Like a real offshore banking account, E-Money Clear provides the latest in online security. Amendments in international agreements of countries has already been implemented in 2016 and it will give government entities the power to access information on private bank accounts making clients vulnerable. At E-Money Clear  we acknowledge the need for maximum privacy that’s why we allow clients to open virtual bank accounts and make registration hassle-free for both companies, no matter the country of origin, and individual entities. We put priority on your privacy and security. We also act as a tax haven with cheaper fees and less tax. E-Money Clear can also assist in opening and managing offshore bank accounts by simply registering with us. This is a completely legal service as it is also implemented by other international corporations such as Apple and Google. E-Money Clear is your perfect offshore banking alternative.



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